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The DeadBeatSpreadSheet

  • Description:

    Our Server Side Calculators are used to determine and track past-due and unpaid child support, alimony, attorney fees, court costs and any other Court decreed payables like moving expenses and interest, etc., over time periods between the decree date and for up to 40 years in the future, and updatable at least every 30 days.
  • This utility includes calculation tools that automatically compile and upon request, provide totals by month, year and grand totals with varying interest rates for all 50 states.
  • The On Screen Calculators include interactive and straightforward pull-down choice menus for easy use and containing the necessary information which will be used to populate basic fields in the spreadsheet.
  • The completed and compiled output product will resemble a customized ledger sheet.
  •  The completed document-product will display captionable subject name, report date information and page numbers if applicable.
  • All completed spreadsheets can be viewed as PDF files

The Goal here is to provide a tool, The DeadBeat Spreadsheet, that will better serve the Lawyer Client relationship in regards to tracking individuals performance (or lack of performance) in their court ordered payments.